New York Times Features Wedding Dance Coach

A few months ago when New York Times journalist Amy Sohn contacted me, I felt like I had hit the big time!  Attending college in New York City and living there for 5 years, I had read the paper many times and often dreamed about being featured in its pages.  I remember my Senior Seminar professor looking at us with a stern face saying “you must read the New York Times every weekend if you want to stay current and truly understand what is happening in the world.”  I must admit that I don’t read the paper every week but I have friends that do (does that count?), and I try to stay current with my news app Pulse.

Well, it looks like my little dream came true!  On Sunday June 15th 2014, Wedding Dance Coach was featured in the New York Times Styles section article “A Little Assistance on the Path to ‘I Do’“.   The article features different wedding consultants and concierge services.  The most shocking service featured was a “Social Media Concierge” where you can pay someone $3000 to live-tweet your wedding, create a wedding hashtag, set up a wedding blog, and even curate registry and honeymoon Pinterest boards.  It’s amazing how the wedding business continues to grow and diversify.  Do brides really take selfies on the altar?  What do you think?  I’m all about social media and posting pics of your big day, but never thought of doing it ON the big day IN the moment.  Can’t we just trust that all our fabulous guests will be posting pics of our big day as it happens in real time?  What an interesting trend!  Looking forward to seeing where this will lead in the future.

I know there are thousands of dance instructors across the country and it was truly an honor to be featured in this article.

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