Gift Certificates

Give the gift of confidence on the dance floor!

Dance lessons reduce stress and give you time to bond, connect and laugh with your partner. Not to mention the new skills you will learn and carry with you for years to come. Perfect for your fiance, the bride/groom, parents of the bride/groom, wedding parties and really anyone looking to gain confidence on the dance floor.

Gift Certificates can be purchased for individual private lessons or private lesson packages.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the number of lessons you would like to purchase and pay through Pay Pal
  2. Once we receive your Pay Pal payment, we will email you a confirmation and the gift certificate.
  3. Simply Print and Wrap. Super Simple and Convenient (no waiting for snail mail)!
Gift Certificates

Our goal is to make you SHINE on the dance floor… come dance with us!