Featured Client: Tom & Amy Marks – Castle Wedding

Introducing another one of our near and dear clients, Tom and Amy Marks!  This fabulous couple had a magical wedding at Dunafon Castle in Idledale, Colorado on June 30th, 2012.  Their pictures just scream ROMANCE!  In talking to Amy about her experience with wedding dance lessons she pointed out that they created the perfect “date night” for them to connect, have fun and learn something new together.  Not to mention all the fancy dance moves they learned and continued to show off way past the wedding was over.  How cool is that?

Amy, how did you meet the love of your life (in 5 sentences or less)?

Wow my husband and I have the most unoriginal meeting story- I wish we had a cute meet story but such is life.  A mutual friend of ours suggested that we might get along nicely and introduced us.  The night we met was at a local bar in downtown Denver for a beer.  He stayed for his one beer and then left for a soccer game (at the time I thought that was a lie but later on I realized how committed to the sport my soon-to-be husband was).  After he left, I figured he wasn’t interested but three days later he called and the rest is history!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?

On our first date we really bonded over our shared love of music and we both discovered that we adore Patti Griffin- which is sort of a rare thing as she is not that well known.  She was coming to town soon after we meet and we saw her together.  She didn’t play the song we danced to but she’s always had a special place in our hearts.  So when we got engaged, literally the first thing (even before the date) we started day dreaming about was our First Dance.  We had several songs on the list that were so special to us but Heavenly Day by Patti Griffin just really talked about what we thought out wedding would always be for us.  A wonderful Heavenly Day in an otherwise hectic and chaotic world- and that whenever things got tough we would always have our Heavenly Day.  The song still makes me cry to this day- I don’t know how I got through the dance without bawling my eyes out!!

Why did you choose to take wedding dance lessons?

My husband and I really do like to dance- we weren’t afraid of it or anything but we knew we didn’t have any technical skills.  I was also afraid of falling into the middle school shuffle as mostly when we dance together its a fast song.  So I thought dance lessons would give us some basic skills and, hopefully, a couple tricks when we did dance.  Also, as the wedding got closer, things became super busy and at times stressful, so I thought dance lessons would actually be a really fun date and a great way to spend some quality time together.  Although it was in preparation for our wedding, all our lessons felt like a fun little escape and we turned each one of them into a little date night.  Those evenings with dance classes leading up to our wedding are without a doubt, my favorite memories of our engagement.

Would you recommend wedding dance lessons?

ABSOLUTELY!!  I cannot recommend them enough.  I had so many people compliment us on our dance, that the technical skills we received were awesome.  We still know the dance and at my husband’s Christmas party this year, we even pulled out a couple of the fun turns we learned!  Beyond that it really is a great exercise in patience and communication with your soon to be spouse.  It’s also a very magical time where its just the two of you learning something together, what better way to grow together than to learn a new dance together!

What was your favorite moment at your wedding?

There were so many!!  At the ceremony, seeing my husband tear up while I walked down the aisle really touched me.  He also started the ceremony off with a kiss!!  He was so excited to see me he forgot that he was supposed to wait until the end of the ceremony for that kiss.  I also loved that my husband’s dad married us and when he finished up he said “By the power vested in me by the state of California!” instead of Colorado.  It was so cute and funny!  Finally, that first kiss as man and wife- there are no words- just magical!  My favorite memory of all.

During the reception, my favorite memory was my best friend (my Man-Of-Honor’s) speech.  It made me cry and really touched me to hear his thoughts on how my husband had completed me and enhanced my life.  And of course, our dance!  It was one of the only times that night that was just the two of us and it was so magical.  We danced under a gazebo and it was right as dusk was starting to settle.  It really was everything I pictured.  We were so prepared with our dance that we completely lost ourselves in the steps and in each other.

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