Featured Client – Junu Park & JY Kim

Junu Park & JY Kim came to us wanting to do something their wedding guests in Seoul, South Korea would never expect – a Lindy Hop swing dance! They were dedicated and hard working, and we had so much fun at their lessons. They were rewarded with a great response from their guests at the small restaurant where they were married and performed on October 18, 2014. JY even changed out of her wedding dress so she could do full-on lindy! Check out the pictures, they had a great time.


How did you meet the love of your life (in 5 sentences or less)?

We met at our company training camp in 2008. Junu asked for my phone number at the camp and we started to see each other afterwards. At that time, we both thought it would be a fling and never thought in a million years we would get married one day!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?

Our first dance song was “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley. We wanted to do swing for our first dance and we both loved Elvis Presley. What better song for a swing dance than Blue Suede Shoes?

Why did you choose to take wedding dance lessons?

We both didn’t know how to dance at all!! Neither of us had any experience in swing dancing (or any other kind of dancing for that matter). It was 2 months away from our wedding and were desperately in need of help.


Would you recommend wedding dance lessons?

Yes. Yes. Yes. When Dennis, our dance instructor, told us we would learn everything in 5 lessons, we were both nervous. We really didn’t know how to dance and, of course, we asked for an impressive dance routine, something that would woo and ahh our guests. Dennis started to teach us from the very basic steps to much more complicated moves. He taught us every move step by step so that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed. And Voilà! After 5 lessons and a lot of practice in between, we were ready for our dance!

What was your favorite moment at your wedding?

Definitely our first dance. We had so much fun during our dance. When we finished our final (complicated) moves, the whole crowd was cheering and clapping. The cheering was so loud we were in awe. After the wedding, we received so many compliments about our dance and many of our guests asked us how we practiced and where we received our lessons. It was the highlight of our wedding and I still cannot forget the feeling when we finished our dance.

Hindsight is 50/50. What advice would you give to a couple that is in the beginning stages of wedding planning?

Don’t fret about everything. It will all come together and whether the wedding is perfect or not, it will still be one of your most memorable days in life. You won’t remember if your wedding invitation was perfect but you will remember the happiness and love you experience that day. With that said, try to enjoy the planning process.


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